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Bionicle: Lewa by JorgeCaptain1998 Bionicle: Lewa :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 3 10 My new phone by JorgeCaptain1998 My new phone :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 4 2
The Union Sergeant and Le Pischouette - Chapter 7
The Union Sergeant and Le Pischoette
Chapter 7
Allen Pinkerton flipped open the door and glanced briefly at the first of several pages inside, then closed it again and let it rest in his lap.
"Let's me begin with a question," he. He shifted in his chair and looked thoughtfully at Cole Matthews. "A question for you, Sir."
His eyes narrowed kneels and he asked, "Did you ever personally lay eyes on one William T. Anderson, a captain of Confederate guerrillas?"
Matthews' eyes betrayed none of the surprise he felt at the question. He lifted his cup off the saucer and took a sip of the coffee. It was strong and good. "Bloody Bill?" He set the cup back on the saucer and padded leather. "We've met," he said, gazing at the old man.
Both Pinkertons watched him closely, waiting. When he said nothing, only sat looking back at them, William Pinkerton asked, "At Centralia, I presume?", an
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First encounter of two worlds by JorgeCaptain1998 First encounter of two worlds :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 5 1 20171031 172108 by JorgeCaptain1998 20171031 172108 :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 5 40
APH: Two Queen - Chapter 18
APH: Two Queens
Chapter 18
Couple: Germany x Nyo!Japan
Series: Hetalia: Axis Powers
~Favignana, Kingdom of Hearts~
One fine afternoon, when singing bluebirds were serenading the air, Col. Böckl was taking a lively stroll down the streets. He stopped when he reached the library he could see a beautiful lady arranging books. He couldn't help but admire the beautiful young woman.
Sitting at a desk enjoying his lunch, a young man with a noticeable scar on his left eye.
Col. Böckl takes off his hat and greets the young man, "Bom dia senhor."
"Bom dia." said the young man.
"Enjoy your food." said Col. Böckl.
"Thank you." said the young man.
Col. Böckl immediately recognized the face of the young man, "Captain José? Is that you?"
"Do I know you?" he said.
"Don't you remember me, I am Hans Böckl of Ischl. Gendarmerie-Major Böckl?"
"Böckl?!" he
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Transformers Prime: Thundertron's new sword by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers Prime: Thundertron's new sword :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 4 8
APH: Cardvarse - Fem!America
Name: Princess Amelia of Spades, Baroness von Wallersee
Full name: Amelia Martha Hamilton
Country/Kingdom: Spades
Royal House: House of Spades
Spouse: Prince Max of Hearts
Issue: Princess Marie
Age: 20
The first girl in her family, Amelia Martha was born to Princess Mary Todd Hamilton, the sister of King Henry of Spades and Baron Charles Louis of Diamonds. Amelia and her sister Maddison grew up in a very unrestrained and unstructured environment; she often skipped her lessons to go riding about the countryside.
Against the advice of her parents, Amelia fell in love with Prince Max of Hearts, the older brother of King Ludwig II.  The relationship between the two was difficult, as Max was expected to marry. The two married in secret and eventually  Amelia and Max had a daughter, Marie Louise.
Prince Max purchased Possenhofen Castle as gift for his new wife and daughter and Amelia was given the title Baroness von Wallersee.
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Transformers: Take care by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers: Take care :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 2 22 Transformers: Arcee and Jazz by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers: Arcee and Jazz :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 2 6 Transformers: Ready to sting like a bee by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers: Ready to sting like a bee :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 3 1
Dear Boss
Dear Boss
London, 1888
Night fell on London's East end, and the hints of light were the gas lit posts. Life in the East end was a horrible life to live, the constant poverty and disease ridden streets filled the homeless, the dying, and the downtrodden, in contrast to London's West end, a center of commerce, of business, of culture. A society of men in tophats, of gentlewomen, of children tended to nannies, and Queen Victoria rules.
These two halves of the cities were extremely different despite they were a part of the same city.
But something would take a horrific turn in the East end, something ghastly, nothing like had happen before in London at least not to level of savagery and disgust as seen on the night of August 31 in Whitechapel on London's East end.
~August 24, 1888, Wilmott's Lodging House at 18 Thrawl Street, Spitalfields~
"Dear father, I just right to say you will
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Transformers: Detonation Jazz by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers: Detonation Jazz :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 5 9
Two Queens: Chapter 17
APH: Two Queens
Chapter 17
Couple: Germany x Nyo!Japan
Series: Hetalia: Axis Powers
~Port of Manarola, Kingdom of Hearts~
Taking a lively stroll down the beach, Keiko along with her mother and Gabriella, "There is Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. Well, far away." said Lady Ryu.
"And Hearts is far?" Asked Keiko.
"Yes." replied her mother.
The trio of ladies continued their trip of the coast and the surrounding area. They stopped at some ruins to rest, but Keiko thought a bit of exercise could help out as well.
"See my darling? Now you can even climb a mountain." Said Lady Ryu
"It's difficult," said Keiko. "But I can manage it."  Keiko continues up the steps of an old temple from the Rüm era of Hearts.
~Kiku's apartment, Royal Palace, Kingdom of Hearts~
In the midst of Keiko's absence, Kiku filled the role of co-queen of Hearts and carefully did he's part of managing the
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Transformers Universe: Ransack GTS by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers Universe: Ransack GTS :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 4 6 Transformers: New cannons Ironhide? by JorgeCaptain1998 Transformers: New cannons Ironhide? :iconjorgecaptain1998:JorgeCaptain1998 2 10


Role swap 2  by Freckled-PineTree Role swap 2 :iconfreckled-pinetree:Freckled-PineTree 22 3 Role swap 1  by Freckled-PineTree Role swap 1 :iconfreckled-pinetree:Freckled-PineTree 76 13 Star and Marco by AtKri Star and Marco :iconatkri:AtKri 76 2 King Butterfly by Jojodear King Butterfly :iconjojodear:Jojodear 567 60 a diffrent kind of Disney princess by Jojodear a diffrent kind of Disney princess :iconjojodear:Jojodear 231 33 ::+Day 16 Cuddle+:: by Apple-Rings ::+Day 16 Cuddle+:: :iconapple-rings:Apple-Rings 8 2 Nobunaga Concerto Render 1 by Viole1369 Nobunaga Concerto Render 1 :iconviole1369:Viole1369 9 2 Nobunaga Concerto by Kimoicchi Nobunaga Concerto :iconkimoicchi:Kimoicchi 14 3 Nobunaga Concerto by fegiyozaagazi Nobunaga Concerto :iconfegiyozaagazi:fegiyozaagazi 8 0 Happy Early Thanksgiving From Lucia and Lucifer by IcyGabrielle Happy Early Thanksgiving From Lucia and Lucifer :iconicygabrielle:IcyGabrielle 8 7 Oda Nobunaga - drifters? by KuroHei Oda Nobunaga - drifters? :iconkurohei:KuroHei 6 4 Malaysia Family by princesshetalia Malaysia Family :iconprincesshetalia:princesshetalia 3 1 Gujo Hachiman Castle 8 by SHiNiGAMi-Xiii Gujo Hachiman Castle 8 :iconshinigami-xiii:SHiNiGAMi-Xiii 1 0 Soul Eater - Close by SwiftNinja91 Soul Eater - Close :iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 14 8 This Will Be The Day/Resonance by SwiftNinja91 This Will Be The Day/Resonance :iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 30 9
Name: Thomas Jonathan Jackson

Status: Alive

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Origin:  United States

Affiliation: Drifters


He is a large gentleman, with large blue eyes, pensive and deep; dark-brown hair, and a neatly groomed beard, which was very slightly curly and worn rather long. His complexion was fair. He is dressed in a grey Confederate general's double-breasted jacket with gold braid and a grey field kepi.


Jackson has a stern and serious personality evolved from his childhood. He has an unrelenting faith in God, which cannot be separated from his  character. He was also noted for his politeness, gentleness of manner, and love of children.


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I'm 18 years old, I'm originally from Michigan, I currently live Texas and I love anime and history.

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